Castles and Castle Ruins: Castle Ruins

Jiretin pod Jedlovou

Jiřetín pod Jedlovou, 407 56

Castle Tolštejn is situated 4 km southwest of Varnsdorf.

It was built by the house of Markvarticis as their seat castle, probably in the 13th century. Later it had many different owners. In the 16th century Tolštejn did not served as aristocratic seat anymore and it was used only as fort. During the 30years war it was occupied by imperial garrison of colonel Mattlohe and in the year 1642 there appeared squads of Swedes. The castle was conquered and plundered.

Tolštejn remained in ruins and it wasn’t repaired anymore. From its walls there was preserved only a part and solid gable-wall from beginning of 15th century. Also entry gate had to resist many attacks, during which it was seriously damaged but later it was reconstructed.

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