The Ještěd Ski Resort

The Ještěd Ski Resort is a modern skiing centre within reach of Liberec public transport and with excellent accessibility (the Czech Innsbruck).

The facility includes 2 four-seater chairlifts, 1 two-seater chairlift, 1 gondola cableway to the peak of Ještěd and 6 ski tows. It is one of the most modern facilities in the Czech Republic: a five-star facility according to the SPLV rating. It ranked 3rd among Czech resorts according to a SWOT analysis for 2009. It has the infrastructure of a large city behind it, including good traffic access for skiers who drive themselves or for those who come straight to the gates of the resort using public transport. Visitors can park with ease at one of the covered central car parks which have sufficient capacity or they can use any of the other parking areas in the facility free of charge. The resort offers slopes of all levels of difficulty; ranging from the demanding slopes on the northern side to the easy slopes on the sunny southern side. There is also an F10 slope for evening skiing. Beginners can use the Bucharka training slope and a further two training meadows located directly at the tram terminus. The youngest visitors to the resort can use the children’s skiing playground with many winter attractions and the resort also offers parents babysitting services directly on site. The resort’s website includes a new interactive map which describes the entire facility in detail. It is equipped with four web cameras in HD which show visitors what is happening on the slopes and how busy they are. Another new feature is the new gate at the Černý vrch chairlift which now has an LED display screen to increase the amount of information available to skiers. Only the ten best resorts in the Czech Republic have this feature. High quality refreshments are also a matter of course at the stalls on every slope and in the central resort restaurant with social amenities. Visitors can also use either of the two luggage storage areas at the lower chairlift stations.

A luggage storage area has also been prepared at the Vesec Sports Facility and changing rooms and showers have been added along with a Wi-Fi network. Visitors can monitor the activities via the web camera located on the main administrative building. The facility also offers interesting sports events; visitors can find information about these events on

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