The Kozákov Loop

This is a moderate trip (the red level of difficulty) to the highest mountain of Bohemian Paradise, Kozákov.


Parking lot at the Bačov bus stop - red cycling trail 2.5 km -  Kozákov Chalet - red cycling trail 4006 1 km, right turn, unmarked road 1,5 km Vrchy, Komárov - red cycling trail 4006  1 km Bačov.

The length of the trip: 6 km

Mechanical wheelchair difficulty:moderate

Electric wheelchair difficulty: moderate

Suitable for baby strollers: YES

No escort required for paraplegics.

Route description:

Start at the Bačov parking lot near the bus stop; the surface is made from coarse asphalt. Follow the red hiking trail that runs along the asphalt road and continue to the Kozákov observation tower. From the parking lot, climb a small hill and then continue on a 400-meter flat stretch; next climb a slight hill of 100 m. After a 200-metre long flat stretch, you will reach the village of Komárov from where the road goes up all the way to Kozákov (1.8 km). Along the way, you have a great view of the Krkonoše and Jizerské hory Mountains.

Kozákov Hills offers a beautiful view of Bohemian Paradise, especially Trosky. Although the lookout tower is not accessible to the disabled, you can also enjoy splendid views from the meadows around the tourist chalet.

Take a rocky path to the edge of the hill where you can see paragliders.

You can also drive all the way up to Kozákov. In front of the restaurant you can find three reserved parking places for wheelchair users.

Descend from Kozákov along an asphalt road. In the parking lot, turn left along the red hiking trail; the decline is moderate the first 100 metres and  then steep with switchbacks (critical point, photo No. 1). After about 1.5 km of descending, you will reach a trailhead where you will turn onto a road with a coarse asphalt surface. The path is flat with holes in some paces that are filled in with bigger rocks (critical point, photo No. 2).

The road will take you to a crossroads where you will turn left and connect to the road along which you climbed to the top of Kozákov Hill. The road will take you back to the parking lot.

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