Places to visit in Turnov region

Is this the first time you have visited the ‘Bohemian Paradise’, and you are not sure where to start enjoying this beautiful countryside? How about in its centre – the town of Turnov? We suggest visiting the Bohemian Paradise Museum, where you can learn about the history of Turnov region, and see the exposition of minerals, treasury, and archaeological findings.

From the museum, you may continue on the castle nature trail to Dolánky with wooden Dlaskův statek Farmstead, which is a splendid example of traditional rural architecture. From here, it is a short walk to castle Hrubý Rohozec, built on the rock above Jizera River and its interiors are presented in the original form from the 30s in 20th century. You can see the rooms of aristocracy and servants, the chapel of Nejsvětější Trojice, and you can relax in beautiful castle park.

A pleasant walk alongside Jizera River will guide you back to the town centre with its former Jewish quarter and synagogue which survived hidden between houses WWII and the communist period. It was reconstructed in 2008, and today you may admire its beautiful interior.

Stunning countryside around Turnov is fantastic for walks. Red tourist route will take you to Hlavatice Rock which will reward you with great view of Turnov region. From here it is a short way to Valdštejn Castle and Hruboskalské Rock Town.

The red route in the north direction from Turnov leads to other rock towns – Klokočské and Betlémské Rocks. The trip will be rich with rock views. Adventurous characters can walk into Postojná Cave, and do not forget to visit the ruin of rock castle Rotštejn.

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