Backbone trail – multiple-day hiking along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise


The entire route of the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise is marked with red symbols. It passes through the entire region of Bohemian Paradise and therefore, it can be hiked for several days. We have prepared a one-week hiking trip along the Golden Path. Individual sections can be combined or hiked separately. You can combine them with day trips (loops) that can be found under the Day Trips in the Golden Path section. You can start hiking in any direction. Our description starts in Mladá Boleslav and ends in Jičín with an optional trip to the Prachovské skály rocks.

Trail marking: red hiking trail
The length of the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise: 118 km

The length of an alternative route: 138 km + a 16 km loop in the Prachovské skály rocks

The entire hike can be divided into several sections:

 1. Mladá Boleslav – Bakov nad Jizerou – Mnichovo Hradiště

 2. Mnichovo Hradiště – Drábské světničky – Kost – Libošovice (an optional trip to the Sobotka area)

3. Podtrosecká údolí – Trosky - Hruboskalsko – Turnov

4. Turnov – Malá Skála

5. Malá Skála – Kozákov (an optional trip via Železný Brod and Semily)

6. Lomnice area – Jičín area (an optional trip via Bradlec)

7. An optional trip from Jičín – Prachovské skály – Jičín

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