The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 3


Route: LIBOŠOVICE – the U Přibyla fork – Podsemínský mlýn Mill – Nebákov – Troskovice – Vidlák – Hrubá Skála Chateau –Valdštejn Castle – TURNOV (23 km)

Difficulty: Only short steep sections.


Take the red trails from Libošovice to the Žehrovka River valley. Walk upstream via the Podsemínský mlýn Mill to Nebákov (a pond and a restaurant). The local mill was built in the Baroque style but the original structure dates back to at least the 15th century. Take a rocky road to climb up a plateau above which the two peaks of the Trosky castle ruins loom. Pass the Svitačka campsite and walk up to a restaurant below the caste ruins. If you want to visit the castle, make a short detour using the blue marked trail (about 500 m uphill).

Then continue on the red trail through the Podtrosecká údolí Valley to Vidlák Pond (a restaurant and a campsite). The next stop is the Hrubá Skála Chateau. The original castle was rebuilt into a chateau where today you can find a hotel (a lookout tower). The Golden Path continues across the Bukovina Arboretum (an information centre and an arboretum) and a view of the Hruboskalsko rock formations towards Valdštejn Castle (a castle, refreshments). From there, continue to Hlavatice. This lookout point on a rock can be accessed via a metal staircase. You will be able to see the Turnov area and the Ještěď-Kozákov range with the peaks of the Jizerské hory Mountains behind. Below the lookout point you will see the first houses that are part of the town of Turnov.

Turnov is the tourist centre for the entire area with a wide selection of tourist services (the Museum of Bohemian Paradise, a synagogue, the Hrubý Rohozec Chateau, Dlaskův statek (farm), the Granát Gallery, stonecutting workshops, a tourist information centre, etc.). Turnov is also associated with jewellery-making and precious stone processing. This tradition has survived to the present. You can visit the Granát Gallery where you will see how jewels are made from garnets. Turnov, with its wide selection of accommodation and catering services, is an excellent place to enjoy an overnight stay.

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