The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 5.

Mala Skala

Route: MALÁ SKÁLA – Pánovo pole – Besedice – Koberovy – Hamštejnský hřeben Ridge – Vzdychánek – KOZÁKOV (10 km)

Difficulty: Steep climbing from Malá Skála, stairs cut into the rock, narrow or low passages.

Alternative route: MALÁ SKÁLA Besedice – Vrát – Železný Brod – Podspálov Semily – Krkavčí skála – Záhoří KOZÁKOV (24 km)

Difficulty: Steep climbing from Malá Skála, stairs cut into the rock, narrow or low passages. The Železný Brod – Podspálov  road with less traffic, but many cyclists and in-line skaters. The Riegrova stezka Trail with rocky surface – slippery when wet.


From Malá Skála, climb to the Pánovo pole fork. The Golden Path (red hiking trail) continues straight. Turn right and take the yellow hiking trail to the next town of Chléviště. A rock maze and views of the Malá Skála area are definitely worth the short detour. After a less than one kilometre, return to the red trail to turn right after several hundred metres (the yellow and blue hiking trail) and pass a praying form and a maze in the Besedické skály rocks to Besedice (refreshments).

From there, continue via Koberovy (a restaurant) and Hamštejn straight to the top of Kozákov Hill (a tourist chalet, a lookout tower). Or take the green hiking trail down from Besedice to Železný Brod. Thanks to its surviving glass-making tradition, Železný Brod is referred to the Town of Glass. You can visit many glass-making workshops and stores and try jewellery-making from lampwork glass beads or see the glass-making exposition in the local museum or in a glass-making school.

The nature trails through the conservation area of Trávníky are also definitely worth seeing. From Železný Brod, continue along the Jizera’s right bank and take the road to Podspálov (a section without any markings). Near the confluence of the Jizera and the Kamenice Rivers, you can see a hydraulic power plant from 1926 (where you can take a tour and there is a restaurant).

From there, continue on the Riegrova stezka Trail through the Jizera River canyon to Semile – Bítouchov. The Riegrova stezka Trail passes several lookout points. It has information boards and the most interesting place is the 77-meter-long suspended gallery built over the river. On the opposite side you can take a protected climbing route, “via ferrata”. In Semily-Řeky, connect to the blue hiking trail and then take the yellow one that will take you to the Krkavčí skála rock (a view of the Jizera River Canyon).

The green hiking trail will take you to Kozákov Hill where we will again connect to the Golden Path. If you want to choose from a wider selection of services, we recommend you stay overnight in Semily (a museum, the Jílovec timber houses, electro bike rental, via ferrata, a tourist information centre, etc.).

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