The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 6.


Route: KOZÁKOV – Komárov – Bačov – Vrcha –Zelený Háj – Bezděčín – Skuhrov – Rváčov – Morcínov – Košov – Tábor – Kyje – Železnice – Valdice – JIČÍN (26,5 km)

Alternative route: KOZÁKOV – Komárov – Bačov – Vrcha – Zelený Háj – Bezděčín – Skuhrov – Rváčov – Morcínov – Košov – Tábor – Klepanda – Bradlec – Železnice – Valdice – JIČÍN (30 km)

Difficulty: Moderate.


Continue on the Golden Path from Kozákov via the settlements of Komárov, Bačov, Vrchy and the Zelený Háj fork. Then descend on a forest path to the Černá rokle Valley and via Rváčov, Morcínov and Košov, reach Tábor Hill (the Tichánkova lookout tower, a restaurant, a seasonal information centre, a way of the cross, etc.).

From there, you can either pass the Kozlov castle ruins and continue directly to Železnice (a museum, a cylindrical mill, a conservation zone, a restaurant) or make the hike somewhat longer and take the red hiking trail via Klepanda (a restaurant).

From there you can take a 2 km detour to see the Kumburk castle ruins. From Klepanda, walk on the blue hiking trail via Bradlec (castle ruins) to Železnice, where you will again connect to the Golden Path. Walk through Valdice with its Carthusian monastery that is today part of a prison. Behind the railway station you can see the Wallenstein Loggia, a summer residence with a vast English park. There s a four-lane linden alley to the town of Jičín that Albrecht von Wallenstein planted.

The town of Jičín is referred to as Albrecht von Wallenstein´s town or the town of fairy tales. And those are only some of the services the town has to offer (the Museum of Plays, a synagogue, the Rumcaj’s Shoemaker’s Workshop, Rumcaj´s World by Radek Pilař Exposition, the Valdická Gate, the Milohlídka conservation area, etc.).

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