The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - day 7.


Route: JIČÍN – Kbelnice – Brada – Prachov – Tourist chalet – Horní Lochov – Holín – JIČÍN (16 km)

Difficulty: Most trails in the Prachovské skály rocks have stairs and steep climbs or descents; other parts are easy.


Unlike in the past, the Prachovské skály rocks are no longer located on the Golden Path. Nevertheless, we have prepared an alternative route for you that will take you from the rocks to Jičín.

Take the blue hiking trail via the villages of Kbelnice and Rybníček-Brada (a restaurant). Past the village, you can take the green hiking trail (a parallel trail) that will take you to the top of Přivýšina Hill with Václav Čtvrtek’s view. In the actual Prachovské skály rocks, you will also find many hiking loops, mostly with narrow passages between rocks and steep stairs. It is entirely up to you which hike you choose. From the Tourist Chalet (an information centre, refreshments), take the red hiking trial towards the Pod Šikmou věží fork and continue on the green trail to Horní Lochov. From the fork in the lower end of the village, you will first follow the Battle of Jičín nature trail that connects to the red trail before Holín and takes you back to Jičín.

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