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Prachovské rocks are one of the most recognized rock areas close to Jičín where hiking is a frequent activity and there are plenty of trip tips. The open rock platforms provide picturesque views of the Bohemian Paradise.

There are 2 routes passing through Prachovské rocks. You can tour both at the same time or pick the favoured route. Both start at the Tourist Cottage where you can buy a tourist map.

Small tour in Prachovské rocks

Small route through Prachovské rocks is indicated with yellow tourist sign, and it is 1.5 km long, approximately 45 minutes of easy walking. From the Tourist Cottage you will mildly ascend on a forest path to Zadní Točenice, where blue sign turns further in front of Císařské chodby (Caesar’s rocks). The yellow sign turns to the right and sharply ascends via Malá Fortna. In the narrow passage in sandstone blocks, you can see the medallion of Jan Žižka on the rock wall. In some parts, you will have to hold on the rails until you reach the rock platform to the turn to the first viewing point. This Bohemian Paradise viewing point offers one of the most beautiful views in the whole area.

Continue on the yellow sign via a comfortable forest path to the crossroad U buku. The next part is identical with the green sign to the turning to Vyhlídka Míru (Peace Viewing Point). Then continue to the crossroad above Císařská chodba (Caesar’s hall) – on the blue line you should reach the Čertova kuchyně (Devil’s kitchen) and to the hotel Šikmá věž (the Leaning Tower), on the red sign on the right to Prachov. You descend through the Caesar’s hall and back on the comfortable route back to the tourist cottage.

Large tour in Prachovské rocks

Large route through Prachovské rocks is indicated with green tourist sign, and it is 3 km long, approximately 2 hours of easy walking. From the Tourist Cottage, ascend together with the red sign from the Green Ravine and use the demanding Řehák ascent, secured with rails, to Pecha Viewing Point. The next part is more comfortable and leads to the crossroad above Fortna. There you descend together with the red sign to the marrow dark hall. From Fortna, the inaccessible Lví sluj (Lion’s cage), continue to Nová rokle (New ravine), which will take you to secured ascent to the viewing point Šikmá věž (the Leaning Tower). From the Leaning Tower return to the red sign which you pass. Nearby, you will find the plaque of V. Náprstek. Here starts the Babinec ravine. From this location, ascent to the wild American cage and ascend to the crossroad U buku. The next part is identical with the yellow sign to Vyhlídka Míru (Peace Viewing Point) and to the crossroad above the Caesar’s hall.

Together with the red sign continue to the right to the turning to Hlaholská Viewing Point. Return about 100 m to the main route and after several meters turn on the green sign from the red sign, and descend on the route, meandering between the rocks.

Continue in the rock labyrinth to Rumcajs Viewing Point, there you can see particularly the group Krkavčí skály (the Raven rock) and the neighbouring Haken Viewing Point. Then walk through the ragged terrain to the ridge Plecháček to the last viewing points. To Všetečkova Viewing Point and to Šlikova Viewing Point. From this point descend in a narrow route, on steps and alongside the handrail in some locations, to Zadní Točenice, and take the route on the right back to the Tourist Cottage.

Entrance to Prachovské rocks is subject to entrance fee, the pricelist is available at: 

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