Basic traffic rules in Czech Republic

Rules of the road in the Czech Republic are very similar to those in other European countries. EU and international driving licences are both recognised in the Czech Republic.

The main rules
* Drive on the right.
* Seatbelts must be used.
* Headlights must be switched on all day, year round.
* Children (smaller than 150 cm and weighing less than 36 kg) must be placed in a child seat at all times.
* Cyclist younger than 18 must wear a helmet.

Speed limits
In the Czech Republic different speed limits apply in different environments (built-up areas, roads outside built-up areas and motorways). Unless stated otherwise, the following speed limits apply in these areas:
* 130 kmph on the motorway
* 50 kmph in built up areas
* 90 kmph outside built-up areas

Fines for going slightly over the speed limit (up to 20 kmph over the limit in built-up areas and 30 kmph outside of built-up areas) range from 500 Kč to 2000 Kč (20-70 euros).

Alcohol and drugs
The Czech Republic operates a zero tolerance approach to the use of alcohol and other drugs prior to driving a motor vehicle. If any substance is found in a driver’s blood, this can lead to up to 3 years in jail and a fine of 25-50 000 Kč (900-1800 euros). The same fine applies if a driver refuses to undergo a breathalyser or blood test.

Using a mobile telephone behind the wheel
In the Czech Republic drivers are prohibited to hold a mobile phone in their hands while driving or to wedge the phone between ear and shoulder. You can be fined (50-90 euros) for breaking this rule. Drivers can only make and receive telephone calls using hands-free equipment.

Pedestrians have right of way on crossings and drivers must stop and let them cross.

Age requirements for drivers in the Czech Republic
* To ride a motorcycle up to 50 cm3 - 15 years of age
* To sit in the front passenger seat - 15 years of age and a height of at least 150 cm
* To drive a car - 18 years of age

Fuel price in the Czech Republic
Average prices of fuel are 27,80 CZK - 31,10 CZK

Should you have an accident and the damaged caused reaches 50 000 Kč (1800 euros), or someone is injured, the police must be called to the scene (call 158). They will then draw up a report on the incident. Accidents must also be reported to the relevant insurance companies. In other cases, those involved in the accident are free to come to their own arrangements.

Roadside assistance
Insurance companies offer roadside assistance across Europe, and the number to call can usually be found on the policy itself. Therefore it is recommended that motorists seek assistance from the service associated with the insurance company with which the car or driver is insured.


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