The Golden path of Bohemian paradise

The Golden path of Bohemian paradise, which connects the most interesting sites in this area, belongs to the most famous paths and to the favourite trails among the tourists. This red-marked trail is 98 km long. It offers variety of hiking tours, whose paths we can combine with other tourist walks. We can choose, whether we would like to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape and the formations of sandstones, or prefer the history of castles and chateaux, which are in plenty in this area. The Golden path of Bohemian paradise is really an ideal combination of both of these variants and it depends only on us, which of its parts we choose.

Notable monuments of the Golden path of Bohemian paradise:

Chateau Mnichovo Hradiště

The history of the chateau is connected with the family of Wallenstein, there is also a Capuchin monastery as a part of the chateau area.

Location: The Town of Mnichovo Hradiště

Ruins of the castle Valečov

One of our most beautiful rock castles.

Location: 4 km far from the Town of Mnichovo Hradiště

Ruins of the rock castle Drábské Světničky

Rock formation, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Location: 4 km far from the Town of Mnichovo Hradiště

Kost castle

Kost castle is one of Czech castles in the best repair.

Location: 4 km north-west of Sobotka

Ruins of castle Trosky

The dominant feature of Bohemian paradise, its characteristic skyline is formed by two donjons, the shorter one called Baba (the Crone) and the higher one called Panna (the Maiden).

Location: between Jičín and Turnov, south-east of Sobotka.

The Lookout tower at Kozákov

The iron tower with a lookout platform provides a spectacular round-the-clock view.

Location: 5 km south-west of Semily

Chateau Jičín

One of the largest early baroque chateaux in the Czech Republic.

Location: The Town of Jičín

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