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Kollárova, Jičín, 506 01

GSM:+420 602 265 847
Along the main road by Kníže Pond in Jičín, you can see the dominant feature of this part of town - the water tower that used to supply water to the town.

The Water Tower supplied fountains in the square in Jičín. It is built from stone blocks and was originally covered by a shingle roof. In the past, water was brought to the fountains through a wooden pipeline. A pump was used to run water through iron pipes to a tank on the top floor from where it was distributed to the city. In 1907, the water tower lost its original purpose when the water pipeline was built, bringing water from Studeňany. In the 1930s, a transformation station was built in the tower. After 1993, a gallery, a wine bar and a museum of water opened in the tower.

Today, the water tower is not open to the public.


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