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The Golden Trail of Bohemian Paradise


In this promotional flyer, we would like to present the Golden Trail of Bohemian Paradise to you. It is divided into several day-long sections that will guide you through our region from Mladá Boleslav to Jičín.

In the summer season, you can also travel by cycling buses, the bus schedule is available at

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Greenway Jizera

GW Jizera - propagační leták 2017

The Bohemian Paradise Association and its partners put together the Greenway Jizera Project (GWJ) whose purpose is to create a tourist corridor along the Jizera River that will take you to the Jizerské hory Mountains, via the Western Krkonoše Mountains, Bohemian Paradise and the Polabí Region all the way to Prague. You will discover the charm of several distinctive landscape types of the Czech Republic and get to know both local natural, historical and technical sites and folk architecture.

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Greenway Jizera - canoeing guide

Vodácký průvodce, author: SČR

This jigsaw puzzle shows the Jizera River from its source in the Jizera Mountains down to where it meets the Elbe from the perspective of rafting and appeal, including information about interesting places to stop at along the way, as well as refreshments and camp sites. The clear map shows weirs, train stops near the river and places suitable for entering the water and hire centres.

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Catalogue of tourist offer and accommodation

Katalog turistické nabídky 2019, author: Sdružení Český ráj

We are pleased to present you our new catalogue containing tourist information, accommodation and services. It will help you decide where to spend your leisure time and will present a comprehensive selection of tourist sights and activities in the region.
This catalogue provides just a brief summary of what is awaiting you in Bohemian Paradise.

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Geopark Bohemian Paradise

Geopark 2018

The Bohemian Paradise Geopark offers romantic rock formations, former volcanoes, caves, river valleys and interesting springs spreading across an area among the towns of Mnichovo Hradiště, Železný Brod, Jilemnice, Nová Paka and Jičín. It covers nearly 760 square kilometres, i.e. approximately fifty percent larger than the Czech capital Prague.

This information material will provide you¨with general information about Geopark Bohemian Paradise.

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