Code of conduct for cyclists


1. I will follow the right hand rule in relation to all other non-motorised tourists and cyclists. I am aware that people judge cyclists based on my behaviour.

2. I will slow down as I approach other cyclists, and will be very careful when overtaking.

3. I will have constant control of my speed. I will enter bends in the knowledge that someone could be there.

4. I will keep to the designated trails and will not move off the marked route and thus damage vegetation or increase the risk of erosion.

5. I will not disturb animals or cattle.

6. I will not drop litter.

7. I will respect the trail markers and will respect public and private areas.

8. I will choose a destination suited to my abilities, equipment, the terrain and the weather, including the weather forecast.

9. I will not ride alone into remote areas. I will always tell someone where I am going and the time I expect to return.

10. I will always wear a cycle helmet.

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